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Projects (English)

1992 - Libero Andreotti Museum - Pescia - Italy
Located in the Palagio (XIII cent.) the museum of Libero Andreotti, a famous Italian sculptor of XX cent. contains quite all his production collecting all gypsum model of his sculptures. The aim of the project was to make to live together XX century sculptures with a XIII century building and at the same time to create an easy way to the visitors to understand the message of the sculptor.
1992 – Beer Bar  – Metlife Building – Park Avenue – New York – USA
At the ground level of the famous building designed by Walter Gropius has been created an “art deco” style bar and restaurant. The decoration of the space recall to the “Clipper” to  celebrate the transatlantic flights period started by Pan American Airways the original owners of the building.
1993 – Cafè Centro – Metlife Building – Park Avenue – New York – USA
A richly elegant Grand Café in the classic Parisian tradition - set in the iconic international style landmark MetLife Building on Park Avenue at E.45th Street
1995 – Banca del Chianti Fiorentino – Headquarters – San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze) - Italy
Complex building destined to be the seat of the directional and operating Branch of the Bank, as well as to contain the facilities of general interest. The interior of the cafeteria has been arranged like a small restaurant.
Within 2000 and 2011 the Studio has realized for the same group, four new branches in Tuscany.
1995 - Case dell'Olmo - Monte Argentario - Italy
Project for the restoration of a group of three country building at the interior of a 200 hectar property placed in the hearth of Monte Argentario. Are part of the property a tennis court, a swimming pool with an original Islamic fountain, an  Indian pavillon surrounded by a roses garden, a private church and other little houses converted into country residences.
The project has been published by the English magazine Interiors.
1996 – Naples 45  Pizzeria – Patina Restaurant Group - Metlife Building – Park Avenue – New York – USA
An authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and Italian restaurant situated in the landmark MetLife Building, Naples 45 offers al fresco dining in the warmer months and tantalizing regional Southern Italian specialties with friendly take-out service and gourmet brick-oven slices to go.
Naples 45 was awarded the coveted certification of "La Vera Pizza Napoletana," in recognition of serving authentic Neapolitan pizza made with traditional ingredients, methods, and wood-burning ovens - one of only two such awards in New York City. 
1996-97 – Whirlpool Europe, Comerio, (Varese) - Italy
Functional and architectural renovation of all the buildings of the directional area, ex Ignis, for the realization of the European Branch of Whirlpool. In the framework of the intervention, the canteen building has undergone a complete re-styling, turning it into a company restaurant including private rooms for managers.
1997- Day Surgery Centre “Maurizio Bufalini“ - Palazzo Capponi, Firenze - Italy
This is one of the first facilities in Italy dedicated to Day Surgery in the field of orthopedics and plastic surgery,
The center is housed in a building dating from the early eighteenth century, Palazzo Capponi. The townhouse was designed by the Roman architect Carlo Fontana, who collaborated with Bernini on Palazzo Montecitorio. 
The Center, located on the ground floor, covers a large area of 1.200 sqft . The waiting room is a very unusual setting because entirely frescoed by a Florentine painter of the early eighteenth century, Giovanni Ferretti.
The operating theater is located in a sort of technological box suspended inside the original structure without even touching the walls of the building: the gap between the sides of the box and its historic container is used to house the conduits of the power, water and air-conditioning systems.
The operating theater is painted by a contemporary painter, Roberto Barni. The purpose of the furnishings and frescoes is to create an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being and therefore reduce the need for tranquilizers and hypnotics: it is only very recently that the advantages of matching hospital care with art have become apparent.
1998-2000 – Cucina & Co. at Rockefeller Center – Restaurant Associates - New York – USA
Realized during the restoration of the whole area of the Skating Rink and of the Concourse of the well-known Rockefeller Center, the plan aims to the creation of a catering place of International Florentine flavour, which is, just like the previous Cucina & Co. at Met Life, characterized by the double offer: Restaurant and Takeout. It lies on the way out of the Underground and receives the flows of the army of employees of Manhattan. For Restaurant Associates Inc., one of the main restaurant company in the USA, the Studio have designed other restaurants in the Metlife Building (New York) as Cafè Centro, Beer Bar, Naples 45.
1999-2001 Orto de’ Medici Hotel - Via San Gallo - Firenze – - Italy
Renovation and enlargement of a historical hotel located in the old town centre. The building has been completely restored and the interiors have been completely renewed. The Studio is actually working to the project of a new addiction of a suites area by the interior garden (orto).
2000-2002 Villa Miani - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy
Project of renovation and enlargment of a 1950's villa to create a private holiday residence with 12 bedrooms. Into the large new basement have been placed  a "stube", a sky room, a gym center with whirlpool, sauna and steam bath.
2002 – Frescobaldi Wine Bar – Firenze - Italy
This Wine Bar and Restaurant is located in the middle of the medieval town centre, just aside to Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio.
In the premises, where the wine production of the historical Florentine family is celebrated, the sober Renaissance structure of the building melts up with fittings and decoration deriving from the tradition of the Parisian bistrots.
1984-2002 – Mezzaluna Restaurants  
After the first Mezzaluna located on the 3rd ave. in New York (designed by Roberto Magris in 1984) and characterized by a innovative design united to and equally innovative proposition of Italian cooking abroad, the concept of the Mezzaluna spreads rapidly with realizations in many countries. The last of them are located in Turkey (Istanbul 1994, Ankara 1997-2000, Bodrum 2001, Izmir 2002)
2005 - Dolcissimi Patisserie - via Maggio - Firenze- Italy
In the middle of the famous Florentine Antiquary's Street has been created a little and elegant space to celebrate the sweetness of pastries and cookies produced by one among the smarter Italian chef. A trip back to the old days discovering the real taste of Italy , being sure to find the tradition of once: quality search, accurate selection, love for small details.
2004 - 2006 - Police Headquarter - Livorno- Italy
Project for a new building destined to the Police Headquarter in Livorno.
2004-2006 - Palazzo Bartolommei - via Lambertesca - Firenze- Italy
Restoration of the historical building (medieval base and XVIII century renovation) placed into the hearth of Florence to create nine high level apartment. The Studio is involved into all the processes, since the restoration of the original building, till the interior decoration of the apartments.

2004-2005 - Ballroom and Gallery - Palazzo Capponi - Firenze- Italy
Restoration of the largest ballroom present in the historical palaces of Florence to turn it into a conference center. All the most advanced communications tecnology are completely hidden at the interior of the XVIII century palace, and live together the wonderful frescos that cover every wall and ceiling. The palace has been furnished of a complete kitchen, created in a box at the interior of an historical room (completely painted) to support gala dinners, private parties etc.
The ballroom and the gallery are continuously the theather of art exibitions, fashion shows, gala dinner, conferences and concerts.
2003-2008 - Palazzo Sergardi - Siena- Italy
Restoration of the famous palacelocated in the middle of the old town centre close to Piazza del Campo, designed on 1765 by the famous baroque architect Paolo Posi.
The palace contains a little, but very famous, theatre – Il piccolo teatro di Siena -  that has been a very important avant-garde theatre in the period from 1950 to 1980.
At the first floor, in the large halls completely decorated with frescoes and ancient wall fabrics, has been staged a permanent exibiton of a large collection of theatrical costumes belonging to the owner the baroness Margherita Sergardi, a poet, writer and theater director.
2003-2005 - Villa le Palme - Los Altos de Valderrama - Sotogrande - Cadìz – Spain
Project and construction of a new country villa on the famous golf course of Valderrama in the south Spain. The main building based on a classical "patio" scheme create a fusion between Italian and Spanish character. The entire construction has been realized with traditional and natural (bio-architecture) materials.
2005 Fondiaria-Sai Insurance Company – Piazza della Libertà - Firenze- Italy.
Inside the historical building of one of the most ancient insurance company in Europe has been created a new space dedicated to the stock market and the financial negotiations.
The Florentine experience is the prototype of a chain of "financial shops" that will spread all over Italy.
2005  - 2007 – Villa Chiusarelli – Siena  - Italy
Restoration of an historical Villa built in the XIX Century. The works include the total recover of the original structure and facades besides the complete renovation of the annexes building to transform them into apartments for holiday rentals. The project include the restoration of the historical garden and a new swimming pool.

2005-2008 - Villa Nistri - Forte dei Marmi - Italy
Project of a new villa for vacation close to the beach of  Forte dei Marmi. In this project  the traditional local style has been translated in contemporary shapes.
2006 - Kunsthistorishe Institute in Florenz (German Institute of Art and History) - Firenze- Italy
The Studio is the consultant of the prestigious Institute for the projects of interior design in its palaces in Florence.
2006 - Mezzaluna new concept in Turkey - Istanbul and Ankara - Turkey
After 22 years in accord with the updating of the original concept operated by the owner Aldo Bozzi, the Studio is creating the new design to be used for the future restaurants the firsts of them will be finish within the year in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara).
2007 - Banca Sai – Fondiaria Sai – Genova – Italy
Financial shop and bank branch offices for one of the largest Financial and Insurance company in Italy.
2007 – Fondazione Dynamo – Guest Pavillon - Limestre – Italy
Located in the midst of a World Wildlife Foundation Reserve in Tuscany, Dynamo Camp is the first camp in Italy designed for children with serious and life-threatening medical conditions  (Dynamo Foundation is the Italian branch of the american association “The hole in the wall” supported by Paul Newman).
Project for the Guest Pavillon with 10 suites and common spaces with Ilaria Miani.
Interior design of the “Cabins”, residential units for kids during the normal activity of the camp that could be converted into accommodations for adults that use the camp in the winter period during company conventions.
2001-2008 Four Seasons Hotel in Florence - Palazzo della Gherardesca - Firenze- Italy
Restoration of a complex of building dated from the XV century, located in the hearth of Florence at the interior of the large Gherardesca Park.
The project, developed by an international team of architects and consultant, has aimed to create a 5 star hotel with 120 rooms, Banquet & Meeting Rooms, Business Center, Healt & Fitness and a Restaurant with 100 seats.
The office has been responsible for the architectural  design and the overall coordination of the project. Has been also involved into the coordination between the architectural project and the interior decoration by Pierre Yves Rochon Paris.
In this role Raffaella Melucci has followed all the steps of the interior design and its realization supporting on site Pierre Yves Rochon office using her expertise in renovating historic listed buildings to create a compatible decor.
2007- 2011 – Tenuta di Castelfalfi – Borgo di Castelfalfi – Montaione – Firenze - Italy
Inside of the huge project for the development of the medieval “borgo” of Castelfalfi as a modern touristic center in progress of realization by the German touristic company TUI, the office have been designed the complete restoration of the ancient buildings into the borgo to create residential units. The purpose of the design is to original look and feeling of the buildings to allow the guests to experience the traditional feeling of Tuscany houses, but at the same time to provide the apartments the state of the art in terms of plants, acoustical and thermal insulation and interior climate control. Also has been given a great attention to the energy saving and to the use of natural materials. In particular the interior plaster is made by natural lime mixed to clay ground (cocciopesto) that is a natural moisture and temperature controller
2011 – Tenuta di Castelfalfi – Castello di Castelfalfi - Montaione – Firenze- Italy
Is currently underway on the ancient Lombard castle (700 A.D.) restoration project where a gourmet dining restaurant will be located.
The project involves the complete recovery of the ancient structures with the most sophisticated restoration techniques and the full complement of facilities and plants.
The interior design is based on enhancing the historic character of the spaces by inserting elements of high quality material but characterized by clean lines and unobtrusive.
Inside the castle will also create a cooking school for guests, a wine bar and a shop for the sale of farm produce, especially wine and oil.
This building will be the reference point for the entire touristic complex of Tenuta di Castelfalfi that is actually in a development fase.
2008 – Home in Palace - Residenza d’Epoca - Palazzo Capponi - Firenze- Italy
Project of restoration of a part of the Palace to convert into an historical residence with 6 suites with a wonderful view of Florence from the roof of the famous XVIII century palace. The Studio is involved into all the construction processes and into the interior decoration.
2009 – Banca Sai  - Milano - Italy
Financial shop and bank branch offices for one of the largest Financial and Insurance company in Italy has been created in the financial hearth of Milano just behind the Grattacielo Pirelli.
2009 – Hotel Orto dei Medici – Firenze- Italy
This project has created a contemporary addiction to the existent hotel using a new space using the spaces that were released on the ground floor around the garden.
11 new suites with private entrance have been created in the new wing. The interior design has researched a connection between the tradition and the contemporary shapes. The result are pure spaces in which a very light decoration remind to the origin of the building, but at the same time
brings to life a contemporary feel to the guests.
The small garden on which overlook all the new suites has be designed referring to the classic Italian Gardens with boxwood hedges and borders of roses. A covered path protected by a “romantic”  metal and glass structure,  protect the guests that across the garden to reach their rooms.
The hotel has been also provided of a new reception area at the ground floor and of new relax spaces for the guests. The existent gallery that connect the entrance to the back garden has been restored and during the works some original frescoes have been discovered under some layers of wall paint.
2009-2010 – Villa I Collazzi – Firenze- Italy
It is a magnificent Mannerist style villa, situated on a rectangular terrace on top of a hill, whose design is attributed  Michelangelo Buonarroti.
The project involved the complete restoration of facades, stone decoration, wooden doors and windows and of the roof.
Has been also made a partial renewal of the installations, in particular has been integrated the exterior lighting.
Given the importance of the monument all the interventions were preceded by an analysis of the original materials which were reproduced in order to restore the buildings original features.
2010 – Via Napoli – Pizzeria – Italy pavilion - Epcot - Walt Disney World – Orlando – Florida
The original plans for the pavilion called for an expansion that would be built in Epcot's "Phase II" of construction, thus leaving a wall with nothing behind it at the rear of the pavilion. When "Phase II" was canceled, the pavilion was left incomplete.
From 2007 to 2010 has been elaborated a project completion that includes a  set of new buildings and a new square.
Inside the buildings has been create ​​a true "temple of pizza". The restaurant by the name of Via Napoli, brought the pavilion its long-awaited completion.
It features Florentine architecture and authentic Neapolitan cuisine. The water used to make pizza dough is imported from Pennsylvania to simulate authentic Neapolitan dough. Via Napoli's three wood burning ovens pay tribute to the three active volcanoes in Italy: Etna, Vesuvio, and Stromboli. To do this, each of the three ovens are sculpted in the shape of the face of the god that their corresponding volcano is named after.
The long communal table in the center of the room was built in Florence and features hand painted tiles depicting iconic monuments in Italy. Other notable features of Via Napoli are its high and vaulted ceilings, imported ceramics and blown glass, and the abundance of windows that flood the establishment with natural light.
The complex of building reflect the real layering of styles typical of the Italian cities driving visitors through a real Italian experience.
The restaurant has been voted critic’s choice for “BEST THEME PARK RESTAURANT" - Orlando Sentinel.
1995 - 2011 – Chianti Banca – Tuscany – Italy
The office is the main consultant of the bank and have designed 13 branches during 16 years of cooperation in which has been develop the corporate identity.
2011 – Villa Arceno – Podere Pancole – Castelnuovo Berardenga – Siena- Italy
Villa Arceno is the historical estate located in the heart of Chianti. 
The beautiful Villa dates back to the 15th century and belonged throughout the centuries to many important Sienese families, like the Piccolomini’s. It is now a beautiful Relais. The estate is surrounded by hundreds of hectares of woodlands, vineyards as well as thirty hamlets offering a panoramic view and reflecting the most beautiful Tuscan tradition for their typical Siennese farmhouse nature.
Inside the estate has been made ​​the reconstruction of an ancient building dated around 1500. From existing portions of walls and from neighbours building we have been able to go back to the original shape. Have been re-used materials found on site integrated with others coming from all around.
We thus obtained a building well integrated into the environment that will be use as a guest house to support the main building, giving to the guests the opportunity to experience to live in a real traditional Tuscan country house completely immersed in the nature.
2011-2012 – Tutto Italia Restaurant e Gusto Wine Bar – Italy Pavilion - Epcot – World Disney World – Orlando - Florida
The space and decor of the restaurant Tutto Italia, created  in 1982 when the park was opened, has been completely redesigned. The original murals, the coffered ceiling, the large wooden and glass door will be maintained and restored. The re-design project will provide a new carpet floor, new furniture, new decorations and new lighting. Has been also designed a new entrance and a new outdoor patio.
The facade of the buildings which house the restaurant will be changed with new decorations and new colors.
A brand new wine bar – Gusto – has been created next to the restaurant. It has the look of an ancient Italian wine cellar with exposed bricks and stones walls, bricks arches, stone floor. It is a quite dark space with natural wooden furniture and a bar counter supported by a series of barrels.
A vaulted room with a large fireplace is used as a dining area, original fittings, glass wine container and lighting fixtures complete the atmosphere.